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Next Cohort for all course : Coming MondayIPMAT + NPAT : Program Duration - 11/23 months; Online/OfflineSET + CET : Program Duration - 11/23 months; Online/Offline

Course Details (for 1 year batch):

Our complete SET + CET course trains you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in your entrance exams, ensuring you stand out in the competition.

1000+ hours of
Classroom + Online Coaching

250+ hours of recorded content

20,000+ practice questions

Class test after every session

24*7 doubt solving platform

150+ sectional and full length mocks

Regular strategic input sessions by IIM Alumni and Industry Experts

Exam focused revision workshops

Modes Available

We operate offline classes only in Pune. Online classes are available for other cities.

Course Variants

Discover our customized courses to suit every aspirant’s needs. Whether you prefer classroom sessions, online learning, or self-paced preparation, our courses offer expert guidance, comprehensive materials, and rigorous practice to help you ace your exams.
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Online Batch

Recommended for PAN India students.

Hybrid Batch

Recommended for PAN India students.

Self Paced Learning


Recommended for PAN India students.

Bundle of Mocks


Recommended for PAN India students.

Course Materials

Our course material is meticulously designed to cover all sections of the SET + CET exam, ensuring thorough preparation.

Extensive Sessions

Over 1000 hours of interactive sessions with experienced instructors.

Hard Copy Books

Books with In-depth theory and 15,000+ practice questions delivered to your home.

Class Assessment

Unit test after each session to evaluate understanding

Syllabus Sheet

Comprehensive list of all topics to track your progress.

Recorded Videos

300+ hours of high-quality content , unlimited revists on any device

Mock Tests

150+ full-length mocks, 200+ topic/sectional tests, 100+ class tests.

AI Generated Analysis

Detailed AI generated reports highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

Daily Reading Material

Access 10+ diverse articles daily for reading comprehension

Daily GK Updates

The latest business GK and GA materials are available on our mobile app

Mock Tests and Analysis:

Regular mock tests and in-depth analysis to gauge your readiness and improve performance are integral components of our program.

Full-Length Mock Tests

Simulate real exam conditions and timing.

Sectional Tests

Focus on individual sections to strengthen weak areas.

Performance Analysis

The AI-based remedial test enhances your scores by providing a detailed score breakdown and improvement areas.

Test Frequency & Peer Comparison

Weekly mock tests help for Benchmarking against peers to understand competitive standing.

Sample Videos

Get a glimpse of our high-quality teaching methods through sample video lectures, providing insights into effective problem-solving techniques.

Best Explanation of Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Best and most comprehensive explanation of Simple Interest and Compound Interest, crucial topics for CAT, NMAT, MBA CET, and SNAP exams.

MBA CET cap round ...

If you’re gearing up for your MBA journey, this video is a must-watch!

AI Seat Metrics 2024

Delve into the intricacies of the CAP rounds for MBA admissions

CAP Docs Verification?

When will MBA CET CAP Document Verification Start?

Next Cohort for all course : Coming MondayIPMAT + NPAT : Program Duration - 11/23 months; Online/OfflineSET + CET : Program Duration - 11/23 months; Online/Offline

Library & Batch Timing

You can access a well-equipped library with extensive study resources that are accessible anytime and have flexible batch timings to suit your schedule.

Library and Batch Timings:

Access a wide range of study materials and select batch timings that fits your schedule:

Monday - Friday


09:00 am – 11:00 am

11:00 am – 01:00 pm

02:00 pm – 04:00 pm

04:00 pm – 06:00 pm

06:00 pm – 08:00 pm

09:00 pm – 10:30 pm


09:00 am – 08:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday


09:00 am – 01:00 pm

02:00 pm – 06:00 pm


09:00 am – 06:00 pm

SET + CET Rankers

Our alumni include numerous SET + CET rankers who have secured positions in top business schools.

Suyash Dixit


Ruhan Motiwale


Masuma Baramatiwala


Aswath Sarwanan


Krish Chandan


Jeevika Khandelwal


Hear from our previous students who have successfully cracked the SET + CET exam.
Ruhan Motiwale SET 2023

They were Very impactful in helping me get admission in Symbiosis Pune (SCMS). The faculty is very Co-operative, kind and welcoming.

Arjun Deshmukh SET 2024

I joined Tarkashastra for crash course for bba entrance exams. The teachers are very helpful and prepare every student fully for exams. All mock tests and exam strategies helped me prepare well.

Diya Fotedar SET 2024

Great faculty, they give so many insights about every exam and college which is really helpful for the kids to prepare well. Everything is well managed and planned. I would definitely recommend.Aditya sir has been the most helpful and transparent advisor and I couldn’t thank him enough for his support and guidance throughout this journey!"

Shambhavi Bavi SET 2023

I joined the online bba entrance course at Tarkashastra.The teachers really make sure that you understand the concepts.Also the mock tests and interviews are really helpful.I had a great experience learning with them.If your looking for BBA entrance coaching it's the best place.

How Does Tarkashastra Give The Best Online And Classroom SET + CET Coaching?

Tarkashastra stands out as a premier SET + CET coaching institute due to its exceptional faculty, comprehensive study material, and structured preparation strategy. Our experienced faculty members are experts in their respective fields, providing personalized attention to each student. We blend traditional teaching techniques and advanced learning tools to ensure a thorough understanding of the SET + CET syllabus. Regular mock tests and detailed performance analytics enable students to gauge their progress and effectively refine their strategies.
At Tarkashastra, we don’t just prepare you for the SET + CET; we prepare you for a successful future in management. Join us and experience the finest coaching that Tarkashastra has to offer.


SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test) is an entrance exam for undergraduate programs in various fields of study offered by Symbiosis International University. CET (Common Entrance Test) is a common entrance exam for admission to postgraduate management programs in India. These exams are highly competitive, and preparing with Tarkashastra will give you an edge over other aspirants because Tarkashastra provides expert guidance, comprehensive study materials, and rigorous practice to help you excel.
Tarkashastra offers a variety of course variants to suit the needs and preferences of every aspirant. These include:
  • Classroom Sessions: Interactive in-person sessions with experienced instructors.
  • Online Learning: Comprehensive online courses with video lectures and practice materials.
  • Self-Paced Preparation: Flexible courses with recorded videos and practice materials for independent study.
The SET and CET course at Tarkashastra includes over 1000 hours of interactive sessions with experienced instructors. These sessions cover all sections of the exam and provide students with personalized attention to ensure thorough preparation. Additionally, there are unit tests after each session to evaluate understanding and track progress.
Tarkashastra provides comprehensive study materials for the SET and CET exam, including hard-copy books with detailed theory and 15,000+ practice questions delivered to your home. Students also get daily reading material with 10+ diverse articles for reading comprehension and daily GK updates on our mobile app. Our materials are regularly updated to match the latest exam patterns and syllabus.
Tarkashastra’s SET and CET course includes 150+ full-length mock tests, 350+ topic/sectional tests, and 100+ class tests. These simulate actual exam conditions to help students prepare effectively.
Tarkashastra Academy provides in-depth performance analysis through detailed AI-generated reports. These reports highlight strengths and areas for improvement, allowing students to refine their strategies and target weak areas effectively. In addition, regular mock tests and peer comparisons help students benchmark themselves against their peers and understand their competitive standing. The Remedial Test feature also helps improve scores by focusing on weaker subjects or topics.
Yes, Tarkashastra’s study materials and recorded videos can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. Our mobile app also allows students to access daily GK updates and practice questions from their phones or tablets. This allows for convenient and flexible learning anytime, anywhere.
At Tarkashastra, we understand that each student has a schedule and commitments. That’s why we offer flexible batch timings for our SET and CET course. Our classes are conducted in the morning, afternoon, and evening, allowing students to choose a batch that best fits their routine.
After each interactive session, students can evaluate their understanding through unit tests. These tests assess the student’s comprehension of the topics covered and give them an idea of their progress.
Exceptional faculty, comprehensive study material, structured preparation strategy, and a proven track record of successful SET and CET rankers.

Be the part of the league.

Take the first step towards your success. Join the league of top achievers today!

Be the part of the league.

Take the first step towards your success. Join the league of top achievers today!
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